3-in-1 Bundle For Huawei Ascend Plus – Soft Rubber Silicone

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3-in-1 Bundle For Huawei Ascend Plus

  • Compatibility – Made for Huawei Ascend Plus, Carrier – StraightTalk/Net 10/Tracfone
  • Soft Skin case made from high quality silicone; Wraps on your phone easily and provides better grips on hand.
  • Opening for all buttons and ports: Allows convenient access to all functions of your device.
  • ICE-CLEAR Protection screen protector are made from electronic grade PET material, highest grade in its class; Full-sized lcd screen coverage w/ Case Cover friendly design
  • ICE-CLEAR Protection is a Registered Trademark(TM); Trademark violator will be prosecuted.

Package Content:
Soft rubber silicone skin?x 1 pcs
Touchscreen Stylus x 1 pcs
ICE-CLEAR Protection Optical Clear LCD Screen Protector X 1 pcs
Microfiber Cleaning Cloth
Instruction Manual

Protective Case
This is a soft rubber case made with high-quality non-toxic silicone, designed/molded specifically for your device. The case simply stretches and ‘stick’ to the phone, and with opening space for the lcd screen and buttons, it means you will be able to use your device as if the case is not there! The case acts as an extra layer for your device, which will provides extra protection and is exceptional to shock resistance; It’s small foot print won’t add extra weight/size to your device.

Screen Protector
ICE-CLEAR Protection are made with the electronic grade of PET protection film, Which makes them:
- Optical clear, will not create any distorted image or reflection(aka ‘orange peel’), will not produce rainbow streak overtime.
- Special formulated gluing will not attract dust particles, thus eliminate bubbles forming during install.
- Hard coated layer makes it 3 times MORE scratch-resistant compare to regular protector.
- NO need to spray liquid solution(which can damage your device), NO curing time – use right-a-way!
- Glass-like finish give you the same exact same feeling as your phone screen!

Touchscreen Stylus
The stylus has a soft rubber tip custom designed to mimic your finger. The omni-directional tip adapts to any writing style. The stylus keeps your touchscreen free of fingerprints and smudges as it gives control over any touchscreen operation. It’s perfect for sketching, drawing, gaming and photography apps. Our stylus includes an integrated clip that attaches to a pocket in your bag or a pencil loop inside your case.

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